People are Panicking and Selling their coins!

Being part of the telegram group is stressful enough But not having any strong support from the developers is worst . I know the crash right now is due to TRUMP and his no stimulus package but the fact is YFII has been consistently falling and has barely picked up any momentum. I really do believe in your project and held on because of it. However, it is getting close to going below 1000 USD. What’s the plan? Do you have a contingency plan?

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Yeah,and i hope you assign an admins soon to ban those who spread fake news in telegram that cause panic selling.

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I agree. There needs to be two groups in telegram as we are hitting 10k members soon. One for price and one for YFII developments and announcements. Now, its a mess with all the moonboys and fudders.

yfii is coming back, stay calm

Those people can only do little damage unlike those who borrowed large amount and short yfii.