Ex Telegram Admin Said Dev Team Sell 80% Coins

Hello, I want to report Ex Admin Telegram group “Happy Bull A”, yesterday he was DM some members Telegram group DFI.Money and tell them that Dev team sell 80% of their coins, he is asking the members to share his screenshot to the group.

Here are for the evidence:

This the screenshot from Happy Bull A, he share that the marked red circle is Dev team coins.

This is when he asking a member to share the screenshot and tell the community that Dev sell 80% of their coin.

This chat deleted by admin and the member who share the screenshot Happy Bull A direct message get banned because telling the information Dev team sell the coins from Happy Bull A.

He said he is no longer an admin but he still can share link and ban members in the group, some members he was direct message via Telegram are banned by him because tell the news Dev team sell the coin is from Happy Bull A. This is prove he can share a link:

When a member asking in the telegram community, why you are no longer a admin but can share a link :

then suddenly that post is disappear, deleted by admin (Happy Bull A) please compare screenshot above and below:

Yesterday he said Dev Team sold the coins and DM some members to tell the community to sell their coins, but today he ask the community to hold the coins.

So what is wrong with the Telegram community? because of this DFI / YFII get negative impact from the community members, yesterday was panic sell and Happy Bull A is a fudder (via DM), how can an admin doing thing like this?

Is it true the Dev team sell 80% of their coins? please give the community explanation because some of the community members think this is true, of course if this is left unchecked it will give a negative impression for YFII.

Thank you and waiting replay from the Dev team about this issue.

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This is a very good question. I decided to join this discussion group to better understand what is happening. I have been part of the YFII telegram group for 2 weeks. Personally, being transparent to the community is important. Happybull sounds confused but intitially he did want to help people and teach them such as how to stake their YFII, pool it etc however it is odd that he choose to FUD suddenly. So my question here is the same, did the DEV team sell 80% of their coins? Do clarify this.

Hi team and community!
I’m YFII holder and i was banned by Happy Bull A only for one question: “Where i can swap my iUSDT to USDT? iUSDT is not presented at Uniswap or i cant find it there…”
Somebody can help me?

Your iUSDT once claimed will be deposited into the USDT vault at dfi.money. Make sure you have added the token to the wallet connected to the dfi.money website. The Tether USD ( USDT ) token contract address can be located at uniswap.info
Once you’ve copied the Tether USD ( USDT ) contract address, add it to your wallet (Metamask) under the right account. Once you’ve done this, it should show up on your wallet account. It can take time. So. be patient.

This is why I proposed ‘Happy Bull A’ have his admin rights removed in another thread. He is not suitable for a power role. An admin should not force people to make decisions on their investments and threaten to ban if you do not comply. Now it seems he is further trying to damage the reputation of DFI.money.

AFAIK, This “Happy Bull A” is a fake account to spread FUD, most propably has short positions

Thank you for reply.
How i can unban my account in TG chatroom? Anybody knows?

dev team have not 80% coins, so how?

I saw market talk is about SBF shorting YFI. But I didn’t know dfi money has such rumors. Maybe we can hear answers what happen to the price of dfi money and ways to bring up the price.