Can we change to a more organized yfii telegram group?

Most groups I’ve seen have 2 groups. One for price talk for the moon boys who ask:
“When moon?”,
“Why has the price fallen?”
“When pump?”
“When coinbase
And one for people interested in the project.

Can we change to a more organized yfii telegram group?
So far Yfii’s official group telegram only contains trash from moon boys.
And Yfii’s second group had no activity.

In the official yfii group, it should only discuss project issues that the team will work on, not discuss prices. Because only with a project, yfii will become more valuable. And investors need the latest information about it.

I hope there will be 2 groups active.

  1. Yfii Official Group only to discuss project progress and prohibits discussing price issues
  2. Yfii trader group for those who want to discuss prices, analysis, etc.

Thank you :slight_smile:


great suggestion.

moon boys always ask this question over and over again, even what the team is doing they don’t know. information about the project is not visible, only comments from moon boys are there

Yes agree, Telegram channel need more moderator or admins, too many fudders and moon boys this can result negative impact for

Each time price down and then fudders, swearing, trash talk will shown on the Telegram channel.

I think there should be only one telegram group to focus on project development. It is not allow to discuss the price of YFII.

Yes sir. I volunteer in the group of Yfii and I will do it in the future.

He is now make a new trouble, please check this post

I agree to having a more organized telegram group but you need to have someone well versed in english since the YFII telegram group is an international community and everyone chats in english except for the Indonesians who are the big time fudders.

I agree telegram group needs work it’s mayhem there.

No governance and looks bad to serious investors. I would like the protect BOT to allow links which are and YFII related. Blocking all links makes no sense

good idear

Discord seems more friendly to be organized, welcome to join it