Breaking: YFII 2.0 is officially launched!


DFI.Money(YFII)社区发起的YIP 6提案:为YFII机枪池建立iToken系统正式通过。伴随着新产品、新UI和新的稳定币策略上线,YFII已升级为YFII 2.0(,目前已支持USDT、DAI、TUSD、yCRV稳定币挖矿,以后将陆续支持其他挖矿币种。

iToken是YFII核心业务机枪池(Vault)的权益Token,将投资者存入YFII Vault的普通Token转化为生息Token,并通过机枪池的自动优化收益策略,持续提升iToken的价值。同时iToken符合ERC20标准,可用于与其他DeFi产品进行乐高式组合,生成更为复杂的DeFi衍生品。iToken的收益策略不限于基本借贷,还会延伸至Yield Farming以及未来更广泛的DeFi业务领域。同时iToken在功能上进行了优化,对闪电贷以及巨鲸稀释池内权益等方面做了防范,让投资者的利益得到充分保障。交易所和用户都可以使用iToken系统。

YFII2.0升级了iToken协议,除了yCrv cCrv以外,其他代币都需要大家从之前系统中手动取出代币存入新系统,旧系统入口:




Hello members of yfii community,

The YIP 6 proposal initiated by the DFI.Money (YFII) community:,the establishment of an iToken system for the YFII machine gun pool, was officially passed. With the launch of new products, new UI and new stable currency strategies show up! YFII has been upgraded to YFII 2.0 (, and currently supports USDT, DAI, TUSD, yCRV stable currency mining, and will continue to support more mining currencies in the future.

iToken is the equity token of YFII’s core business machine gun pool (Vault). It converts ordinary tokens deposited by investors into YFII Vault into interest-bearing tokens, and continues to increase the value of iToken through the automatic optimization income strategy of the machine gun pool. At the same time, iToken complies with the ERC20 standard and can be used for Lego-style combination with other DeFi products to generate more complex DeFi derivatives. iToken’s revenue strategy is not limited to basic borrowing, but will also extend to Yield Farming and the broader DeFi business in the future. At the same time, iToken has been optimized in terms of functions, and has taken precautions against lightning loans and the dilution of the rights in the pool by giant-whale so that the interests of investors are fully protected. Both exchanges and users can use iToken system.

YFII Vault 2.0 has released with iToken implemented. Except for yCrv cCrv, all other tokens need to be manually removed from the old vault and deposited into the new vault. The entrance to the old vault:

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Where to use the itoken, or still waiting for further product?

still need some time, an ecosystem needs more cooperations with other platform.
refer to YIP6 for better understanding of iToken system:

Hi, how is the ecosystem coming along? do you have any further updates to share?