about the forum UI / 对于论坛UI的一些想法

I feel the UI is not that convenient for many newbies to use. I would suggest some better UI design which will definitely improve the community governance and active communication.



Do you have any specific suggestions and design ideas? I personally think that the main function of the current forum is to deposit valuable proposals and show community activity. The highest priority is the iterative development of new strategies and new functions.

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The precondition of having a valuable proposal should be public discussions, which are now absent in this forum. I guess the problem lies on the forum UI, which is not as convenient as that on WeChat, telegram, or discord. This might be that I am not a coding technician and not used to the usual UI. But i believe many yfii holders, who know somethings else rather than coding tech, would love to participate more in the governance and giving suggestions if possible.

有想法可以在这里尽情发表一下,微信里也可以@群主,你的技能和想法会给社区带来积极正向的影响。我觉得能做具体的事情就更好一些,不一定是技术相关,譬如用户问题解答,项目进展报告,DAO是个自治组织,每个人都可以自发的去寻找适合自己的任务去开展工作,发挥特长。 :+1:t2:

If you have an idea, you can publish it here. You can also @admin in WeChat. Your skills and ideas will have a positive impact on the community. I think it’s better to be able to do specific things, not necessarily technology-related, such as user question answering, project progress reports, DAO is an autonomous organization, everyone can spontaneously find tasks that suit them to carry out their work and give full play to their expertise. .