【Voting】如何分配Balancer奖励?How to distribute BAL rewards?



9月3日,聚合器项目DFI.Money(YFII)收到首批Balancer(BAL)奖励,共计BAL 679.83个,价值21,814美元。该奖励来源于YFII/DAI矿池,后续每周都将收到。奖励分派方式可以有下面几个选择:

  1. 放进循环挖矿池

  2. 换成ycrv给投票的人激励参与投票

  3. 注入社区基金



PS: 此投票无需花费手续费





【Voting】How to distribute BAL rewards?

Dear YFII community members,

On September 3rd, the well-known defi aggregator project DFI.Money ,AKA YFII, received the first batch of Balancer (BAL) rewards, totaling 679.83 BALs worth US $21,814. The rewards came from the YFII/DAI mining pool and would be received every week in the future.

We have the following choices to consider :

  1. Inject rewards into YFII circular mining pool
  2. Convert to yCRV for distributing community members participating in voting
  3. Community fund reserve

Please vote for your preference:


PS: No need gas for this voting

Voting period:2020.09.07~2020.09.12

Valid to block:https://etherscan.io/block/countdown/10839660

YFII Community


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Why is there no option to distribute this on the people who have been getting 0% APY in the YFII vault for more than 2 weeks? Does no one care about the only people who hold YFII and don’t sell it?

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the option 1 will benefit all YFII holder’s mining in the following.

Because the YFII pool will soon get more stable income.

soon? When?

soon? When?

After September 9th.

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