About the Proposals(提案) category



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Hi, I think there should be a specified format for the Proposals category, similar to the proposal guidelines outlined in YIP 0: https://yips.yfii.finance/YIPS/yip-0
I’ve seen a lot of posting in the proposals category that I think would better be suited for either general discussion section, or discussion through other online platforms in order to refine the idea into a proper proposal.
Over on YFI’s governance board the proposals category has a format as follows
" Summary:

Simply describe the outcome the proposed change intends to achieve. This should be non-technical and accessible to a casual community member.


A short (~200 word) description of the proposed change, the abstract should clearly describe the proposed change. This is what will be done if the YIP is implemented.


This is the problem statement. This is the why of the YIP. It should clearly explain why the current state of the protocol is inadequate.


This is a high level overview of how the YIP will solve the problem. The overview should clearly describe how the new feature will be implemented.