Telegram pinned welcome message suggestion

Hi. I have put together an example of what will help take control of the Telegram group. This is just a suggestion of what I see important to mention. Please feel free to modify it accordingly.

Welcome to the Official DFI.Money (YFII) Telegram discussion group.

For developer daily updates, please visit our Telegram announcements channel or follow us on our official Twitter

For technical help with staking or any other issues, please make a post in our Official forum

Please obey the channel rules below. To report anything please @admin in the group message and we shall respond as soon as possible (please note we have limited resources, an Admin will get back to you ASAP!). The Admins are: [list the admins here].


  1. No racism, sexism or bullying of members. We take this very seriously.
  2. No spamming (this includes moons, pumps, fuds and shills.)
  3. No fudding or shilling.
  4. No foul or obscene language or pictures.
  5. No discussing of other crypto/coins UNLESS it is beneficial to the discussion of YFII.
  6. Technical Analysis is welcome, However, please Do not give financial advise or requests to buy or sell. Please DYOR (Do You Own Research). Any attempt to manipulate a member in buying or selling will be taken seriously.

Finally DFI.Money will NEVER ask you to donate, airdrop or transfer coins at any time. Please report any suspicious sites/channels on our forum and we will look into them ASAP.


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