APPLICANT: Lucky Luo2027 Amber

REASON FOR REIMBURSEMENT: to cover the cost of YFII first global event and oversea campaign, also to cover the first Television Live interview in blockchain channel, the first AMA for global viewer and additional subsequent live , also to cover the cost for design and many fliers but i attached few most important ones to the document link attached [proposal for Reimbursement of my personal expensis

DETAIL: due to the early days of growth and expansion after YFII fork from YFI we had no funds or grant and all volunteers were literally contributing to the work and cost, i personally covered for the media cost and first global exposure which i have to cover by selling my 13 YFII then which was worth about $2000 at that time

MY Wallet Address to Receive Reimbusement:

Amount applied for reimbursement: 13YFII ( worth $2000 at that time in July/ August 2020 )