Proposals from the Volunteer marketing telegram group

Hi everyone,

As some of you are aware there has been a busy group of volunteer’s from the community who have taken on the task of creating a group dedicated to the idea of marketing the DFI.Money protocol and brand. Others and myself have been busy discussing ideas and creating ways to achieve this. Here is our current progress and a list of proposals. We believe these need action and will benefit the DFI.Money brand and protocol.

  1. A road map for 2021 made publicly and easily available in Chinese and English before the end of January.

2)All DFI.Money web pages including the gov page have all its entire format in Chinese and English.

3)Social media, all social media platforms need a total revamp to layout and an aggressive proactive promotion campaign needs to be focused on. Especially platforms such as Twitter its free advertisement and a powerful tool in promoting the DFI.Money protocol and brand.

4)More friendly easy to use interfaces to the DFI.Money web pages and new layouts

5)Promotion of pools, farms, liquidity providing with rewards of NFT art also gaining extra awareness to the DFI.Money brand. The NFT space is young a growing rapidly DFI could really benefit from free advertisement again in creating rewards of NFT art for stakers, farmers, liquidity providers.

  1. Improve score on all top crypto asset review sites, we have noticed DFI.Money has several low scores from crypto review sites. Most of these scores are easily bumped up as most is misinformation or no information. The group has suggested immediately we contact the necessary sites liaise with them in providing the information they require.

Here is the groups current progress and proposals of the volunteer marketing group. Thank you for your time!


I only own 2.469 YFII… but what can the average person like myself do to help?

Please let me know!


Hello ,

Thank you for your reply, this topic is well under way from the team. We are very busy discussing and implementing some of the changes. Please ensure you use the staking services within DFI.Money to gain interest on your YFII. If you haven’t already come join our community on telegram and WeChat. Being active part of our community is very important to DFI.Money.