Pool 3 not distributing yCRV

anyone know why?
i checked today and no yCRV is being earned at all in the pool. anyone know why?


same here.
Moving to petition to a YIP to ensure yCrv is consistently moved to the pool for stakers.

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  • Move to YIP Proposal
  • Continue with terrible pool 3 no rewards

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I was wondering the same thing. Also to claim the rewards the gas is unbelievably high! $596 usd to claim rewards. Anyone know whats going on?

to fix that, vote first. then it goes to 3 dollars

right now, no dev or anyone is replying nor saying anything about the pool. this is concerning as i have tons of YFII staked.

Thanks for the heads up on how to change the gas fee from $500 to $3usd. I concerned too whats going on with Pool 3 as well

i think its a glitch pertaining to before release where you couldnt claim until you voted.

I am in the same way. I voted once until now as I had a change to catch one. this is really annoying in compare with yfii-DAI with almost 400% return!!! as we are getting zero with pool 3!
Also, there is no info about the pool3. what should I do if we move to YIP?
are we going to get yfii for the staking?
Can somebody help please?

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Same here, didn’t undertand why.