I would be happy to be a replacement admin for YFII Telegram chat

Hi everyone, as I am sure you are all aware the YFII telegram chat is not running any where near as good as it should be and needs an experienced admin and quickly. I am putting myself forward for the YFII team to contact me regarding been an admin. I have been an admin on many chats before and have experience in running chats/channels. I really think I would be very beneficial to the YFII chat. I hope YFII team makes contact with me so we can turn the YFII group back into what it should be.
Thank you


tks bro! that is really helpful!

More than welcome. Something needs to be done before the group is ruined

I knew that and I had post our conservation to a voluteers group wherea core team member can see

Thank you :slight_smile: