DFI.Money (yfii) TVL is increased 20 million USD in 18 hours

DFI.Money (yfii) opened S. Finance (SFG) double digging for 18 hours, and the lock up volume increased by nearly 20 million US dollars

Star Daily News: yfii machine gun pool supports SFG double digging, which has been opened at 1:00 this morning. Users can use the machine gun pool for Dai, usdt and usdc financing, and can enjoy itoken income and SFG income at the same time. Up to now, yfii’s overall lock up fund has increased by nearly 20 million US dollars, and the annual return of double digging fund is nearly 40%.

It is reported that s.finance went online at 1:00 a.m. on October 11 DFI.Money (yfii) pool, which supports the exchange of itoken into iusd and pledge to obtain SFG income, that is, itoken obtained from stable currency financing in yfii machine gun pool can also mine in S. finance, and users can obtain a second share of SFG mining income in addition to the income of yfii machine gun pool. S. Finance currently supports the pledge of usdt, usdc, Dai, iusdt, iusdc and idai to generate iusd.


星球日报讯 YFII机枪池支持SFG双挖已于今天凌晨1点开启,用户使用机枪池进行DAI、USDT、USDC理财,可同时享受iToken收益和SFG收益。截至目前,YFII整体锁仓资金量已增长近2000万美金,当前双挖资金年回报近40%。


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