Darkpool: enable YFII special ability

We have the ability to build a decentralized darkpool on Ethereum using ZK and TEE tech.
Many teams have failed to built a decentralized dark pool, which can make order books in confidential and secret. This idea basic include:

  • when you save assets in the dark wallet, the bigger amount of deposit is, the safety of anonymous set is.
  • when you make a order into the darkpool, all info is encrypted. Without the user’s sign, no one can get account’s names, open orders, order history and transaction history. But every transaction on this darkpool is verified.

So this makes darkpool quite fit to be some part of YFII, because:

  • YFII can provide the power of yield farming, which make darkpool more safety.
  • People can make bigger deal than ever:
    • order book like protocol, not AMM. No price impact
    • secret environment to make a deal, no CEX or on-chain-level can trace you

I want to bridge the darkpool with FYII, but haven’t got a good idea about the ecosystem which means:

  • Use a native token for darkpool or just use FYII as native token
  • anonymous mining: encourage people transfer their assets into dark wallet and mint pAssets
  • Dividends from darkpool income to Native token or FYII holders

Do you have any ideas?


The idea looks like this


great, why dont you just make it happen , and show the outcome to the community for support~


This is a huge differentiator and definitely has my support

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this stuff is way over my head. but if theres a general consensus i’ll vote in favour

im in favor of this.

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i dont see the utility of this, you’d have to explain why it’s useful/valuable on the YFII platform in the first place.

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incredibly wealthy people including the average Joe can invest their money without the Governments sticking their hands into our pockets…


all smart contract interactions are public, not private. we would still be able to observe someone putting funds into the darkpool

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i support this concept of intrducing dark pools

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Having privacy has always attracted crypto enthusiasts and is seen as a right in some forms. In my opinion, it’ll be better if YFII native token can be included in some form in the economic model which raises the value of YFII token itself otherwise there is no affect on the value of YFII(if thats good or bad, can be discussed)

However ,how this gets implemented would still be a question as @Magicturtle12 comments above, and also this shall go through a very rigorous auditing as well.

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all money transfer to 1 contract: pToken contract.

  • privacy assets module will mint 1 pDAI if someone transfer to this contract 1 DAI
  • No one can trace the pDAI in the TEE wallet
  • Native token or FYII reward pool will encourage people helping growth the anonymous set

Facing economic design choices:

  • Use FYII as devidends or native token
  • If use FYII as devidends and govern, then we need a FYII pool as darkpool mining reward

looking forward to voting this one.

Could you explain what the TEE wallet is exactly? I may be starting to get it, im not sure. Is this essentially some form of second layer encryption on the orderbook itself

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I don’t think that is necessary, currently :thinking:


Anonymity is the spirit and original function of decentralization. Satoshi would be proud. :+1:

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Great İdea Bro…

I agree though I am not in opposition to the OP proposal as I think anonymity is a priority. Increase in value of our token $Yfii should be of high interest.

I think it is necessary to integrate this special function to improve the value of yfii, but the strategy needs to be discussed and demonstrated.

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