Creating YFII Yearn Pool with token incentives for additional yield

Create a YFII yearn pool that distributes system rewards (not YFII) to tokens that bring in additional AUM and fees

I think Andre’s latest proposal is brilliant and one that YFII should try to implement if his proposal doesnt pass for YFI.

From Andre’s latest proposal.

"This made me think about the concept of incentivizing other communities, including pink YFI, to do the same. The system can assign a subset of the rewards generated to be streamed to the relevant AUM provider. So in this case, rewards generated by the AUM of pink YFI, is streamed back to their governance. This creates further reward incentives to help their community engagement, but also provides them additional engagement motivation.

Motivation :

Foster stronger relationships with other communities, and empower them to grow their own communities."

Imagine YFII creating its own yearn pool but one that is inclusive and incentivizes other platforms to join increasing AUM. The network surrounding YFII could potentially be huge and dwarf that of YFIs.

Inclusivity, decentralization, network effects. I think a open system is better than a closed one.



I suggest setting up something similar to yVaults, where YFII yVault will have multiple different farming options, and optimizes for best yield. as seen here


the YFII’s staking pool has created. 24k yCRV interests has been sent to the pool. happy farming Governance V2

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this is way over my head but if there is a general consensus i’ll vote in favour.

Petition to change the title of this to

创建具有代币激励机制的YFII年池,以增加收益 YFII Proposal 2 : Creating YFII Yearn Pool with token incentives for additional yield

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