Communication needs improving

A lot of questions have been posted in telegram and discord but there is never any admin / key community members to help out. I think it’s imperative to get this actioned quickly because there is a lot of spotlight on this project at the moment. With proper information it will help educate some of the more interested community members and therefore less reliance on the team and Dovey. We’ll be able to pick up the slack a bit more. Western community needs a little help.


YFII definitely urges faster community channels and reach more people. Now the major community seems to be on WeChat groups where people could get a faster response. We may need volunteers to help bridge communities and incentives are also required to make this sustainable.


What sort of information/Q&A is lacking?

YFII pool returning 0 for 5 days now with no information from the team.



+1 for this. If someone could look into this and provide a resolution that would be great. It seems like it has been longer than 5 days. I believe its been almost 7 for me.

Yeah agree. No apy on weth, link or yfii volts, it would be great to get an update?

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The strategies for some of these tokens don’t seem to work anymore.
Grape closed some of their farms for example.

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Yes, it’s really a problem for now. Actually even some of the community members who are able to read Chinese in wechat groups find it hard to catch up the latest updates. The infomation is scattered and is not well-organized. Should come up with a way (or tools) to solve this.

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It’s Oct. Did someone figure out a solution?

YFI had their meeting with the team and Q n A yesterday. Do we have the same thing? Also, there should also be communication to outside party so that there will be investor to deposit funds.