AnaM Grant: International community

Date of Proposal submission: 4/19/2021-7/19/2021
Grant Amount:3.5YFII
ETH Address: 0xdf759166e15992ea2e0eeeadf1c5cabc8eeee0b4

Content of the proposal:

Telegram management: Make sure that the community’s questions are always answered and that the community behaves. I submit information whenever provided with any.

WeChat: Communicate all the suggestions/questions from the English community to the Chinese community in order to unify both Chinese and English communities.

Twitter: Make sure YFII’s twitter page stays as active as possible with relevant news about YFII or our partners (Sakeswap, WePiggy ect)

Marketing: Post relevant news articles about YFII in order to help get more exposure

Partnerships: Look out for any potential partnership potential. Latest one being BonFinance.

Medium: Make articles further promote YFII.

Grant Token: Work with the team to make sure we keep our best volunteers and motivate them into giving their 100%

NFT project: help build the project internationally.

SakeSwap: Help sake’s telegram channel as much as I can in order for the members to feel safe with the amazing project.