AnaM English community manager grant

Date of Proposal submission: 1/11/2021-4/11/2021
Grant Amount:3.5YFII
ETH Address: 0xdf759166e15992ea2e0eeeadf1c5cabc8eeee0b4

Content of the proposal:

Telegram management: Took over telegram management 3-4 months ago and set a mission to make the community free of toxic people and rebuilt a community. I take the time to answer everyone’s question(s) in order to make sure the people keep faith in YFII.

WeChat: Communicate all the suggestions/questions from the English community to the Chinese community in order to unify both Chinese and English communities.

Twitter: Will make sure that twitter stays as active as possible with multiple tweets/retweets a day, as long with interacting with the community to bring more attention to our great community.

Marketing: Try to come up with ideas of games/competitions/polls to bring more attention to YFII, as well as posting as much as possible about YFII’s updates.